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Excellence Since 2009

McAllister Garfield Office

McAllister Garfield, P.C. is a full-service cannabis law firm that has pioneered and continues to pioneer legal strategies and services for the industry. Beginning with the first regulated marijuana businesses that emerged in Colorado in 2009, the Firm has represented hundreds of stores and dispensaries, grows, infused-product manufacturers, testing laboratories, and ancillary businesses, including lenders, investors, landlords, CBD and hemp producers, social media businesses, smartphone applications, trim companies, security providers, consultants, vendors, inventors, and packaging companies.

With over 20 attorneys serving the industry, the Firm assists its clients from start-up to exit, including entity formation and governance, financing, leasing, and licensing. Beyond start-up, the Firm helps its clients understand and maintain full compliance with the complicated rules in this highly regulated industry. The Firm also helps clients in maintaining and expanding their businesses, including later stage financing employment agreements, vendor contracts, licensing agreements and any other transactional work required of a growing business. The Firm also has significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions, where the buying and selling of licensed businesses is complicated, and represents Indian tribes and their partners as they navigate this new industry.

The Firm is well-known for defending businesses against alleged rule violations and negotiating successful outcomes, including businesses that have been entirely shut down by over-reaching regulators. The Firm is willing to litigate matters of importance to clients beyond commercial disputes, including pesticide recalls and the right of industry participants to file for bankruptcy. Finally, the Firm’s clients often seek help in ownership disputes in a litigious industry.

The Firm originated in Denver, but now has offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and Miami.