20 Oct 2020

Friends, On October 9, 2020, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”) adopted amended permanent rules that go into effect on January 1, 2021. The MED’s 2020 rulemaking was not an overhaul […]Read More

Colorado Litigators’ Summit – Virtual

22 Sep 2020

Friends,Sean McAllister is well known as an accomplished business litigator in the cannabis and hempspace. Based on his expertise, the Colorado Bar Association has asked him to speak at theupcoming Litigation Summit. Sean’s […]Read More

IRS Releases Tax Guidance for Cannabis Industry

20 Sep 2020

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) last Thursday released updated guidance on a stand-alone web page for the state-legal marijuana industry. The new guidance covers the rules for IRC Section 280E, income reporting, […]Read More

Oakland Community Health Initiative

02 Sep 2020

Friends, As you may know, I have been pioneering work with the emerging psychedelic renaissance, including advising people on what is legal in decriminalized cities, working with therapists interested in psychedelic-assisted therapy, […]Read More

Another Trademark Setback for CBD Products

03 Jul 2020

Friends,The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (the “TTAB”) affirmed this month a decision by the United States Patent Trademark Office (“USPTO”) denying cannabis brands, specifically products containing CBD, from getting trademark protection […]Read More

New Rights to Trademark Generic Brands

02 Jul 2020

Friends,On Monday, the Supreme Court issued an opinion that drastically changes the landscape of trademark law. Businesses use trademarks to protect a brand from being confusingly similar to other brands. Strong trademarks […]Read More