Criminal Defense Attorney

A low stress criminal defense with the best possible outcome is our goal. Our Colorado criminal attorneys will fight for you.

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. A conviction will change your life. You may lose your freedom and end up in jail or prison. You may be put on probation, drug tested, required to perform community service, and fined thousands of dollars.

If you are charged with a crime in Colorado, you need experienced and aggressive representation from attorneys that get the best results. The Denver-based criminal defense attorneys at McAllister Garfield P.C. have decades of experience representing thousands of people charged with crimes. Our firm handles every level of case, from municipal offenses to misdemeanors to serious felonies. We have the knowledge, experience, and passion to defend you against any type of criminal charge. We are especially well known for the results we have achieved for clients facing all types of cannabis-related charges. With criminal defense attorneys, experience and results matter. McAllister Garfield P.C. is dedicated to exceptional service and results. Call the experts.