Marijuana DUI Representation

DUI Representation

Alcohol, cannabis, prescription drugs, and other illegal drugs can impair driving to an unsafe and unlawful level. Driving under the influence (also known as driving while ability impaired) is a serious criminal charge. If convicted, you might lose your license, go to jail or prison, or forced into probation where you may have to take drug and alcohol classes, be tested for drug and alcohol use, and perform community service.

Colorado DUI laws are complicated and generally involve at least two separate cases, an administrative case through the Department of Motor Vehicles and a criminal case through the courts. If you’ve been charged with DUI, you need aggressive and experienced legal representation. The attorneys at McAllister Garfield, P.C. have successfully resolved thousands of DUI cases, with many clients ultimately avoiding a conviction for an impairment-related offense altogether.

Our attorneys know the science behind drug and alcohol testing, and can successfully combat bad science and sloppy procedures. Especially with Colorado’s new scientifically unsound cannabis DUI laws, it is critical that if you are charged with a cannabis-related DUI you turn to a firm with proven results at defeating these charges.