Pesticide Issues

In the past few years, the cannabis industry and state regulators across the country have been grappling with setting standards for the use of pesticides and fungicides on marijuana given that none of these products has been approved by the federal government for use on marijuana. Marijuana Business Attorney Sean McAllister has been on the front lines helping the industry respond to regulatory enforcement actions regarding pesticides that often result in entire grow being confiscated. These enforcement actions have put business licenses in jeopardy and threatened to cause investors to lose millions of dollars.

In the spring of 2015, the city of Denver began pesticide enforcement actions that shut down nearly a dozen grows and Sean McAllister represented nearly half of those businesses. With McAllister’s counsel, and after a lawsuit initiated by McAllister against the city, the businesses were able to get the majority of their product released. In early 2016, the state of Colorado began similar enforcement actions against dozens of licenses and again Sean McAllister led the legal efforts that resulted in a negotiated settlement with the state.

Sean McAllister believes that marijuana should be safe and free from harmful levels of pesticides, but in many cases the state and local enforcement actions are done without a scientific basis, which leads to clean and safe product being seized by the government. McAllister Garfield, P.C. knows how to stand up for business owners’ rights on these important issues in order to defend their licenses and protect their businesses.