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The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) was passed in November of 2008, making Michigan the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana. In 2016, Michigan passed the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, or MMFLA, in order to take Michigan’s marijuana industry out of the “grey market” created by the MMMA. The MMFLA created an extensive and thorough licensing process administered by the state’s licensing department, which requires state and municipal licenses for commercial growers, dispensaries, processors, transporters and testing facilities. With an already robust medical market taking shape, Michigan voters passed the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA) in November 2018 to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan, with the law mostly reflecting the structure put in place by the MMFLA.

With the passage of the MRTMA, Michigan is expected to be one of the country’s biggest recreational marijuana markets. Regulations to implement Michigan’s recreational law are currently being drafted and will be issued no later than December of 2019, with many expecting the law to mirror a combination of California and Nevada’s laws as well as the state’s MMFLA program.

Michigan will enjoy the lowest excise tax on marijuana sales of any other recreational state, priming the legal, licensed market to take off once the state starts accepting recreational licensing applications. With twice the population of Colorado, many observers see the Michigan market as the next big opportunity in the U.S. Cannabis industry.

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