Darin Mangnall


I learned from an early age what the power of the state can do to a family. I know from personal experience that the justice system is not always just. I never lived in an ivory tower, and I do not want to live in one. I know that innocent people are accused of crimes every day. I apologize to no one for the work I have done for the wrongly accused. It is my job to fight for you. I will not sleep until I get justice for you. I truly love our justice system, but the people I have known in my personal and professional life and the people I have represented as a defense attorney have proven to me that while our system is broken, my skills as a defense attorney can truly make a difference. I am passionate about defending the accused because I know that I can even the odds. I can create justice where it did not exist before. There is no case too small. There is no person accused by the state I won’t use my gift to help. I am dedicated to defending each of my clients as if they were a member of my family, and I chose to partner with Daniel Mossinghoff because I know he will do the same.

I had the opportunity to take advantage of my athletic abilities coming out of high school, but I was single minded in my desire to have the opportunity to fight for the accused. I graduated from Occidental College and quickly passed up professional athletic opportunities at home and abroad to pursue my passion in the law. While I was a student at the University of Denver School of Law, I worked long into the night to be successful in my classes while working full time as an intern for the district attorneys office and balancing raising a daughter with my second on the way. I maintained a high GPA and accomplished my goals. I know what work means. I do not know what life is without hard work. I will never give you less than my best.

When I passed the bar exam, I was immediately offered a job in prosecution. I applied my work ethic and quickly moved through the ranks of the DA’s office. I tried cases on a weekly basis and honed my trial skills throughout my five year prosecution career. I learned the politics that all DA’s have to deal with. I learned what juries think about real cases, and I learned the skills that are truly needed to bring justice to each case. I worked my way from an intern, to a line deputy, to a county court supervisor in both Douglas and Arapahoe counties. I worked diligently in juvenile prosecution, and I learned the everyday politics and pitfalls that every family in that system should know. I prosecuted felonies and saw how perilous it is for a defendant to face a felony without the help of an attorney. I learned how the system will fail you. I spent a long time training DA’s, training the police, and training myself on how to properly administer justice. I have successfully tried countless cases. I understand the system you that has accused you and how to deal with the politics that stand in the way of a truly just result. I believe that the only thing that stands between the government an justice is a truly great defense attorney. I am that attorney, and I am in the prime of my career.

When I was a prosecutor, I learned from the best of the best. I honed my skills and learned their weaknesses. They are not weak, and they have a lot of power; my experience can protect you. When I left prosecution, I did so to become an expert criminal defense attorney. I have spent the last seven years making myself the best defense attorney I can be. My life experience, my real world training and my last seven years as a defense attorney help me to know that I am the best attorney for your case; the DA’s know it, the Courts know it when you take the time to talk to me. Call me so I can prove it to you for free.

I decided to leave prosecution when I realized that the politics of that position would interfere with my obligation to do justice. I saw that I could do much more to help people by using my skills to help the accused. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have lost count of the cases I have won; I stopped counting because my ego is not what drives my desire to fight. The authentic appreciation that my clients have is what drives me. I must do the best that I can for everyone that entrusts me with their life changing experience. My drive to do my best is what keeps me up at night. Your case is what I live for. I promise to give you all that I have; nothing else is acceptable to me.